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welcome to our clinic

At Lumiere Health & Hijama clinic, we provide high quality services for males ONLY, our home visit cupping services start from £40. Don’t worry the hassle, we visit your home and bring comfort and professionalism. We focus on all aspects of cupping treatments, IV drip treatments, and skin health advice. We are open from 9:00 AM to 8PM Monday to Sunday



Unit P, Mandara Place, Yeoman St, London SE8 5FA


Working Hours

Mon – Sat: 9.00 AM – 8.00 PM

services (HOME VISIT ONLY!)


The home visit is an opportunity for your get an experience Holistic Healthcare

practitioner to you in your own home…

A home visit will offer you the same treatment in your own comfort.

We anywhere in London within 5 miles radius.

*Wet cupping detox therapy,  detoxification, or detox, helps to cleanse our bodies of any impurities we may have in our system

Relieve muscle tension, pain and inflammation. Boost your immune system, ultimate heavy metal detox, reduce cholesterol, eliminate uric acid build up, promotes skin health and circulation, fertility, regulate hormonal issues, migraines, arthritis and much more.

Balances positive energy, relieve muscle tension, pain and inflammation. Boost your immune system, ultimate heavy metal detox, reduce cholesterol, eliminate uric acid build up, promotes skin health and circulation, fertility, regulate hormonal issues, migraines, arthritis and much more.

Help to improve circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage of toxins, reduces anxiety, reduce stretch marks and scaring, reduce the appearance of varicose veins, clear congestion, clear colon blockage, relieve indigestion and so much more.

Nurse Setting up IV Drip Close Up

Wellness Infusion


High dose of vitamin and antioxidants to boost your immune system and improve energy and general health and wellbeing.

Image of IV infusion in wellness clinic

Energy Boost Infusion


This infusion has been developed to aid your body in releasing energy and boost your metabolism. Contains high strength vitamins and antioxidants that will support your body to shake of tiredness so you can be the best version of yourself.

Beautician cosmetologist makes face vacuum massage with cupping cup

Facial Cupping Therapy Plus


(Comes with your individualised organic facial)
Enzyme facial, lightening and anti-aging, essential oil facial, Mucin essence facial.

Nurse Setting up IV Drip Close Up

Ultimate Detox infusion


Nicotinamide mixed with strong antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defence and can help get rid of toxins, promote increased mental cognition, mental clarity, concentration and memory function.

what is cupping therapy?

Hijama Cupping Therapy consists of extracting blood from certain parts of the body through micro-cuts. Hijama has a great effect on Detoxifying and Oxygenating the tissue on a cellular level.  Hijama drains excess fluids and toxins, revitalise connective tissue, increase blood flow to skin and muscles, stimulate the peripheral nervous system, controls high blood pressure, reduce pain and inflammation.

relaxing day

Treat Yourself to a hijama treatment

Our goal is for Hijama Therapy to be incorporated into people’s lives on a regular basis.

Welcome to Lumiere & Hijama, our cupping clinic is where you can find any type of Cupping & IV Drip treatments for your specific needs or preferences! ,Our passion is to promote holistic lifestyles and help anyone suffering from pain and inflammation by reducing the need for medication.

What People Say


See what customers have to say about us. Our role is to provide a service  that keeps our clients happy. We are pleased to hear any feedback they have for us.

Farzana Mirza
Farzana Mirza
Received a facial. It was fantastic. Staff were very welcoming and professional, made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Products used were amazing. Was asked about my allergies prior to my appointment. My face looked very hydrated. Would be booking again soon.
Mabs Khan
Mabs Khan
Thank you again Abdul Kareem, I always feel relaxed after my treatment and would recommend it to anyone looking to get it done. The clinic is clean and service is fantastic.
Isma Alili
Isma Alili
My first time doing cupping I really felt great afterwards, the lady was very friendly and made us feel comfortable, will definitely come back for more sessions
Uchenna Agbasi
Uchenna Agbasi
Well what can I say ! A wonderful experience with Kay and been my 1st , guided me through the process of wet cupping. All abnormal pains were focused on and I feel the physical reliefs . Her professionalism is outstanding as she make u relaxed during the whole therapy. I would be gladly coming here more again for the wellbeing I sorted for long time ago . Thanks Kay u are the best.
SH _
SH _
Best Hijama (cupping) experience I’ve had, she makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything she does in detail throughout the session. She definitely goes above and beyond listening to all your concerns and puts you at ease, you can tell she is passionate in what she does and well experienced. Very professional, I will definitely be a regular. I highly recommend!
Salman Khan
Salman Khan
After reading about hijama, I was excited to experience it. Abdul Kareem was very easy to talk to & talked me through how its done & some of the benefits people have experienced. The time flew by for me and I feel this wont be my first time visited them at Lumiere. Highly recommended!
Kajal Rai
Kajal Rai
Amazing hair oil. Leaves hair soft and glossy after treatment and smells amazing!!!
Alex Cardigan
Alex Cardigan
First consultation and first ever cupping- what an incredible experience! From the minute I entered the place, I knew I was in safe, caring and healing hands. We talked at length during our first meeting about what was troubling me and I left the consultation feeling reassured and positive. My cupping experience was very positive too. Totally painless and I was well looked after. Kay explains the process to you before and during. She also keeps you informed about how your body is responding and what it all means. I found it fascinating and slept like a baby. Today I feel good much calmer and looking forward to my next treatment. Xx
Kady Tambi
Kady Tambi
I am loving my face masks! The enzyme mask works well to ensure a deep clean and already noticed a difference with acne after 3 applications. And the Glow mask made my skin do just that and left it feeling so soft and hydrated! An added bonus is knowing every is completely natural!
Hafsa Mahamud
Hafsa Mahamud
I cant recommend enough, when I heard Kay were coming to Norway I booked my cupping and vitamin drip session. I feel energised and pain free. So happy she does international visits. Also her skin and hair care is the best my skin is glowing again. Thank you so much.


Health & Hijama


"Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the Islamic, lunar month) then it is a cure for every disease"

(REPORTED BY Abu Hurairah (Sunan Abu Dawud Hadith No: 3861)

“If there is something excellent to be used as a remedy, then it is Hijama Cupping”. Reported by Abu Huraira.[Sunan Ibn Maajah]

(REPORTED BYSunan Abu Dawud, Sunan Ibn Majah)
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Lumiere Health and Hijama

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Our goal

is for Hijama Therapy to be incorporated into people’s lives on a regular basis

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